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  • Step 1. Register for an account.
  • Step 2. Login, get your free $2.00 and make a call.
  • Step 3. Scan and send us your phone card for $5.00 credit*.

*New customers only. Valid ttag account and at least one call required. Scan the front and back of your paper calling card and send it to support@ttag.ca. The credit will be applied to your ttag account within 24 hours. A $5.00 ttag credit limit per customer applies. Offer expires December 31, 2015.

Simply the best of Calling Cards, Canada!

Whether you want to call to India from Canada or in a search for the best long distance calling card ttag welcomes every new customer with free long distance calling at anytime. See why thousands of Canadians choose ttag as cheapest international calling service provider.

Very good...no need of internet and I love it. Very easy to call...just call from address book... Anirban Banerjee
I've been with TTag for many years. Their customer service is phenomenal... Farhad Raeisi
I really loved ttag. It helps me keep connected with my family and friends abroad. Roshan Thomas
I have been using it for a while and its fantastic for international calling. Varun Shah
Love it, calling your friends and family abroad is like calling a local number :) Nur-E-Elahi Shonchoy
One of the best experience of India calling. Very easy to use... Vinay Sharma
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We'll pay you to try ttag

We know you'll have tons of questions with number one being why would someone need to buy used Ontario phone cards? The answer is simple: because we want to show you one of the best long distance calling cards in Canada and save you at least one trip to the convenience store to buy a paper Ontario phone card. Give us a chance! Exchange your used long distance calling cards with one of the best calling cards Canada online. You'll get free international calling anywhere around the world and learn a whole new way to stay in touch.

Do you really want to buy my used phone cards?

Yes, absolutely. Send us your paper phone card, used or new and we'll pay you $5.00 in ttag credit.

I am interested. How do I get started?

Signup for an account, make a call then send us your scanned card to support@ttag.ca for $5.00 credit.

Do I get $5.00 for every phone card I have?

No. You can get $5.00 in ttag credit in total for all of your paper calling cards you have - new or used.

How much credit will I get in total?

You'll get $2.00 when you register and another $5.00 when you send us your scanned calling card.

Will my credit expire?

No. ttag prepaid credits never expire. Even if you don't use it and come back in years, you credit will still be there in full.

Are you a Canadian company?

Yes, we are proudly Canadian company serving customers from our headquarters in Woodbridge ON since 2012.

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Customer stories

I like what ttag does, mostly because of what I don't have to do. I get great long distance rates without having to pay a monthly fee for network access. I don't have to use the same carrier for long-distance and local calling, I don't have to sign a contract, I don't have to use my credits in a set time, I don't have to pay to top up your credits before I lose them...

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